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Our interview with the developers of Super Bomberman R


1. Why would Bomberman return on Nintendo Switch? What were the reasons behind this?

Given the nature of the gameplay and modes on offer, we feel Super Bomberman R is an ideal fit for the Nintendo Switch. Whether you're playing the story mode with a family member on the go or having a blast with friends in battle mode at home, the freedom to have fun anytime, anywhere, with anyone ethos compliments the game superbly.

2. With Super Bomberman R you regained the attention of your fans. What are your goals with Super Bomberman R?

We've been incredibly happy with fan reaction to Super Bomberman R. The love and excitement has been overwhelming, in a good way! Bomberman has been away for a while so it was genuinely humbling to see the happy fans on social media and forums. In terms of goals, we just want fans to have as much as fun playing the game as we had making it.

3. Let‘s talk about the story mode. What does it consist of? Are there similarities with Bomberman 64 or did you orientate on Super Bomberman for the SNES?

The story mode consists of 50 stages, spread across five different worlds and as many boss battles along the way. Oh and the great thing is you can play this mode on your own or cooperatively with a friend. Gameplay wise the simple yet deceptively deep mechanics from previous games are present, with a sprinkle of new rules and challenges thrown in as you progress. Elsewhere, there are some nice little nods to previous versions, but we'll leave fans to find them rather than spoil things.

4. Of course the multiplayer is a very important element in the Bomberman series. How extensive will the online modus be? What can the player expect from it?

At launch, Super Bomberman R's Battle mode will support up to eight players online. This will be done through the Nintendo Switch network and matchmaking will be performed via a lobby system. We're very excited to see how players take to Super Bomberman R online and the high level of strategic play that will bring with it

5. Will there be new skills in the multiplayer?

There are no skills per se, but there are a number of different features that you can turn on or off before a match. For example, if you happen to get eliminated during a battle and the Revenge Cart option was turned on beforehand, then you have the ability to throw bombs into stage while you ride around the edge of the stage on a cart. It's a nice little feature that keeps you in the game even upon elimination, but a totally optional one too. There are also power-ups that will drop as you play and take out blocks. Again, it's that simple yet deep gameplay with a little twist.

6. Will the game be provided with DLCs later on?

Nothing has been decided yet, but if we do bring out DLC at any point our fans will be the first to know.

7. Some of the ntower team are big Bomberman fans and of course they have a few questions about the origins of Bomberman. Why is Bomberman displayed as white?

To be honest, there's no specific reason apart from character design. It's actually Bomberman Jetters on the Nintendo GameCube where he was first referred to as White Bomber, a direct translation of Shiro Bom from the Japanese version. Going one step further, he's referred to as Cheerful White in the Bomberman Land series. Some nice trivia there for you!

8. What was the idea behind using a bomb as the main weapon?

The idea came from the overarching story really, with the games being set in a galaxy called the Bomber Nebula and planet called Planet Bomber. It's actually Bomberman on the NES and Atomic Punk for GameBoy where the first hint of a story came in, and the rest history.

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