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Interview with developer Kemono Games and publisher Ravenscourt about their upcoming shoot 'em up ProtoCorgi Interview

On 26th of August, the shoot 'em up ProtoCorgi will be released for the Nintendo Switch. We had the opportunity to get in touch with developer Kemono Games and talk about their game. This interview revealed some exciting details about their work on ProtoCorgi. Here you can read the full english interview, if you prefer to read the german version, click here.

In June 2020 we first heard about ProtoCorgi and the game was supposed to be released in November last year. Now we know that the new release date is the 26th of August 2021. Why did it take so much longer?

Kemono Games: Mainly because our team is really small, that together with the pandemic issue made everything harder for both our personal and professional life and there was a lot of material needed that we could not cover in time. We are glad that the date is finally near, because we know there were many people waiting to finally meet Bullet.

We all know that the main character of ProtoCorgi is a cute little dog called Bullet. Why did you choose him as the hero of the game?

Kemono Games: There are many reasons. First, dogs are our best friends and we love them (pets in general). Bullet has become a tribute to our own pets (dogs, cats, hamsters etc.). We don’t own a Corgi, but they are really cute and known in the world, so we think it was the best idea to use him as our hero… or Nixie’s on the game.

Is there a possibility that we will see other pups or new animals in the future?

Kemono Games: We would love to make that happen, but it depends on how the gamers react to the game itself. Hopefully, Bullet can make a lot of friends around the world and with their support, we can make that wish come true…you never know.

Can you tell us more about Nixie, the creator of Bullet? Is there a reason why she built him?

Kemono Games: Oh yes, Nixie is Bullet’s best friend and owner… also his creator. She built him resembling her deceased and loved pet. You’ll find out more about their story when ProtoCorgi is launched.

We already know that Nixie was kidnapped by aliens. Is there anything you can tell us about their plans and the story of the game?

Kemono Games: The plan of the alien race is to kidnap Nixie at all costs. It is still unknown why the aliens want to kidnap Nixie. Maybe some day we will know…

We are really excited about the Nintendo Switch version of ProtoCorgi. Can you tell us some technical details for example about playing in handheld mode, the controls, etc.?

Kemono Games: We are working hard to deliver a similar experience on the Switch version.

There is a demo of ProtoCorgi for Steam users. Will you release this demo for Nintendo Switch, too?

Ravenscourt: We just released a new demo for ProtoCorgi on Steam that includes a first look at the level editor (go and check it out). However, there are currently no plans to release a demo for Nintendo Switch.


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