Mega Man X - The Returnees - Part 1

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  • Da englisch hier erlaubt ist, siehe dazu Punkt 4 , Absatz 4 der Community-Regeln, werf ich euch einfach mal meine, komplett auf englisch geschriebene, (hopefully) bald abgeschlossene, Mega Man X Fan-Fiction entgegen.

    Chapter 1 to 12 14 are already finished.
    The length varies between short, basic, long and tldr (tldr = to long, didn't read).
    Wrote with the help of,, hours of british english from Doctor Who with the original language as subtitles and the internet in general, as well as my brain.

    Mega Man X
    The Returness

    Part 1

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    My Name is Mega Man X. I feel a bit uncomfortable, but this story has to be told. The story of the first and only time, that we where utterly beaten.

    AD 21XX - After the Events of Mega Man X 3
    After Dr. Cain found a hidden programming routine, that could change the emotional balance, personality and behavior of a Reploid into more male or female, the highest court on earth decides to give every Reploid the right to choose a gender and sex or stay neutral.

    AD 21XX - After the Events of Mega Man X 8
    The Jakob Project (Human Moon Migration) continues under the oversight of NASA and a few new agencies with different goals are established. One of them is the military Reploid Outer Space Agency of Science, Research, Exploration & Pre-Colonization. In short: ROSA.

    An all female military Reploid-Squad under the Leadership of General Moon Mare, takes a new advanced Spaceship, to travel to a distant, possible habitable Planet for Humans, with an experimental engine called Space-Sphere-Portal.

    They return six months behind schedule, while the Maverick Wars are still ongoing. After a 3 week quarantine, they were released back into the society and leaved the military a few days after that. But they all got some medals of honor and merit in an unofficial ceremony before leaving for good.

    The loose design of the 8 Reploids

    The all female ROSA Squad (names translated into german)

    General Moon Mare (Mond Stute)
    Head: Horse
    Torso: Basic
    Arms: Basic
    Legs: Horse Hooves
    Main Color: Grey
    Sub Color: Dark Blue
    Other: Braided Horse Tail

    Lieutenant General Space Raven (Weltraum Rabe)
    Head: Raven
    Torso: Basic
    Arms: Claws
    Legs: Claws
    Main Color: -
    Sub Color: -
    Other: Raven tail, pair of Wings, animation of stars and galaxies in transparent armor pieces

    Major General Virion Skunk (Virion [einzelnes Viruspartikel] Stinktier)
    Head: Skunk
    Torso: Basic
    Arms: Basic
    Legs: Basic
    Main Color: Black
    Sub Color: Pink
    Other: Skunk Tail

    Brigadier General Diamond Pen (Diamant Schwänin)
    Head: Swan
    Torso: Female Human
    Arms: Basic
    Legs: Basic
    Main Color: -
    Sub Color: -
    Other: Transparent swan tail, transparent armor pieces, mini bar behind chest pieces, feather-shaped transparent long hair, a pair of wings

    Colonel Lightning Otter (Blitz Otter)
    Head: Otter
    Torso: Otter
    Arms: Otter
    Legs: Otter
    Main Color: Brown
    Sub Color: Yellow
    Other: Otter tail

    Colonel Rose Vixen (Rose Füchsin)
    Head: Fox
    Torso: Female Human
    Arms: Basic
    Legs: Basic
    Main Color: Yellow
    Sub Color: Red
    Other: Fox tail

    Lieutenant Colonel Samara Squirrel (Samara [mehrsamige und nussartige, trockene, nicht aufspringende Schließfrüchte] Eichhörnchen)
    Head: Squirrel
    Torso: Basic
    Arms: Basic
    Legs: Basic
    Main Color: Brown
    Sub Color: Dark Green
    Other: Squirrel tail

    Lieutenant Colonel Titanium Doe (Titanium Hirschkuh)
    Head: Thin Doe
    Torso: Thin Doe
    Arms: Basic but thin
    Legs: Thin Doe Hooves
    Main Color: Shiny Silver
    Sub Color: Matt Silver
    Other: Doe tail

    1. Chapter: The devious team
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    „Look at them! They're still fighting against those pesky Mavericks!“ Virion Skunk stood in front of a 3D hologram. She was surrounded by her comrades and their leader. Moon Mare. The Map showed a fight between the Maverick-Hunters and a few no-name Mavericks. „But effortless! They're just toying with them at this point!“, said Diamond Pen. Space Raven walked around the Holotable and pointed her index finger on the hologram of X. „We will not make the same mistakes as Sigma, Epsilon and all the others, right girls? Because, what are we?!“ „Female Reploids!“ „Right! And we already planned ahead! Way ahead! They'll never see us coming!“, said Samara Squirrel and laughed so hard afterwards, that it sounded almost maniacally. Moon Mare just ignored her and continued, where Samara Squirrel had left off. „We're doing this as follows! There'll be five Teams with a membership between two and four! I know we're just 8 but listen! A few of us will be in more than just one Team! So the formula is still correct! One Team will build our Fortress of Female Fatality! Titanium Doe, you will build the fortress walls and anything metal! Lightning Otter, you're responsible for the electricity and Virion Skunk for the programming of the fortress' software! Diamond Pen, you will decorate everything and use your contacts in germany to get us some materials! That goes for the former mentioned three as well! Get your resources and then you'll have to build the fortress! Do it perfect! I'll accept nothing less!“ Moon Mare pointed at her subordinates and continued her explanation. „Space Raven and myself, will bring the Space-Sphere-Portal back from the Spaceship we used! The engine is essential for our plan! And we need a Team that has to observe the Maverick-Hunters, X, Zero and Axl! Virion Skunk, Rose Vixen and Samara Squirrel! Be female, be sexy, be seductive, be devious! Find their male weak spots, seduce them and bring me all the data, that you can secretly get from the Maverick-Hunters, without being caught! Afterwards, Diamond Pen and Virion Skunk will observe the collected data and find some use for them! The Teams are set! We can do this, girls!“

    2. Chapter: The manipulation
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    Diamond Pen still had a few contacts to a metal facility in the area of the world, that was formerly known as germany. She was constructed in that area as well, so no one suspected a thing, when she showed up a for quick surprise visit in the big industry complex. Multiple company's worked here but they all had one goal. Making Zenny. The facility Diamond Pen was interested in, was lead by an old german company named Tyarug. The company was renamed a few times and no one knew the original name anymore. Diamond Pen was a beauty. Even some human males could fall for her. One of these humans was the CEO of Tyarug - Bernhardt Schneider. Diamond Pen strutted trough the big production hall of the main facility area and 90 % of the male Reploids turned their heads in her direction. She stopped walking and looked around. Every pair of eyes on her filled her with joy. „I still have it! Even after all these months in space!“ [Human Target, Bernhardt Schneider within 50 meters. Estimated arrival in 2 minutes 3 seconds.] Her inner System Software, that was separate from her AI, had given her that information directly on her visual feed in her left eye. „Well then! Time to get these metallic resources in our none existing pockets!“ Schneider sat in his office, directly under the roof. There was a nearby staircase that led directly from the ground up to the office. Climbing stairs was nothing for a Reploid. She didn't even knocked and just opened the door. Bernhardt was alone. Diamon Pen didn't need to switch to german, since english was the only language everyone used nowadays. „Hi, Berny!“ „Dia! Nice to see you! You look beautiful as always!“ „Schmeichler(?)!“ Bernhardt jumped out of his chair and hugged her. She felt a little bit of discomfort and deactivated her emotion program. She could now focus on her goal, without getting into the emotional byproduct of her plan. „Berny, i bet you've collected a large amount of Überstunden!(?)“ She winked at him and smiled. Of course she just acted in that kind of way. Her emotion program was still deactivated. She walked past him and sat down in his chair. „I think i don't remember what your bedroom looks like! Want to refresh my memories?”

    It took them another few days to get all the other materials they needed. For that time being, they stored them in a closed facility in germany. Thanks to Bernhardt, no one would disturb them there. Now they could start to work on that fortress. Moon Mare and Space Raven went to the military space agency and got the main engine of their space ship ,while the fortress was under construction.

    One week later and the fortress' construction was finished. Now the really hard part began. Getting their hands on X, Zero and Axl.

    3. Chapter: The seduction
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    Observation and collecting data were just two of the things, they had on their to-do-list. And now was the time to do that. Three of them had chosen a target. Rose Vixen went after Zero, while Samara Squirrel wanted to get er mechanic paws on Axl. Virion Skunk had chosen X as her target. They observed them for 3 whole days but all they could found out was, that the three where super boring. If they had a thing for female Reploids they kept it secret. Moon Mare decided to stick to the plan anyway but slow and steady. One Hunter at a time. Rose Vixen was chosen as the first one to go and get her target. She followed the three Maverick-Hunters into a night club in one rainy night.

    Rose Vixen entered the club and found the three on the dance floor. They danced to some wierd Techno-Songs. Rose Vixen joined the dance floor and move herself closer and closer to X and his friends. Since her programming didn't allowed her to be clumsy, she just talked right into their competitive mindset. „Hey boys! I bet i could wipe the floor with your lame dance moves!“ „Oh, it is so on, babe!“, said Zero and showed her, what he was made of.

    In the meanwhile. Moon Mare and Space Raven held a quick, short council of war. „We are so close in succeeding! If our girls fail, then we will execute Plan B! Is everything ready, Space Raven?“ „Yes! As soon as we have the data from X, Zero and Axl, we will look into them for useful information! The other parts of our plan are proceeding as well and entering their final phases!” „Perfect! That's what i wanted to her!“

    After the dance battle was over, the four sat down and talked a bit. „What's your name, Sweetheart?“ Zero was interested in her, the other two not so much. But first things first. „Sweetheart sounds lovely, you can keep calling me that all night long!“

    X and Axl left after a short while. Rose Vixen was now alone with her target. She was really close and leaned against his shoulder. „Want to escort me back home?“ „Sure!“

    They left the club and she brought Zero to her private home. She wasn't there since their journey into space.

    The small apartment was enough for her and it served another purpose, besides getting data from Zero. I would give him security an comfort. She had placed all her hard earned medals into a vitrine and there were multiple pictures of her at the military. Zero picked one picture up. „You were part of the space program from ROSA?“ „Me and seven others! Yes! And we served already few years in the army when everyone of us girls signed in!“ „You were an all female squad?“ „Yup!“

    Zero walked around her home and looked into every corner and at every picture. He finally sat down on her small couch in the living room. Rose Vixen already sat there and laid her arm around him. „And?“ „Looks good! You really have a thing for flowers! Especially Roses!“ She knew everything was fine. There were no Mavericks on any of her old pictures and ROSA never had any cases of Reploids turning Maverick. „Want to fight me?“ Rose Vixen asked that while resting her chin on the fingers of her fist. „Are you sure about that? Aren't female Reploids more romantic or, i don't know, have more feminine interests?“ „Well if you ask like that, do you want to fuck my ai chip into corruption?“ „I don't know you and doing it so quick seems a bit to quick! Even for us Reploids!“ „There is no downside here, just pure enjoyment! We have a little bit of fun and part afterwards, never seeing each other again! Deal?“ She reached out to him with her open hand and he agreed by shaking her hand. „Deal!“ Rose Vixen smiled. It was the smile of a spider looking at a trapped fly in her net.

    Rose Vixen returned to the Fortress after Zero had left for over two hours. „And?“, asked Samara Squirrel, while leaning against a metal wall. „I got what i wanted!“ „All of his data?“ „No, that turned out to be to risky but i got something else from him!“ „Something of value?“ „Yes! A private training session with Zero!“ „Oh, this makes up for not getting everything! At least we got that bit of information out of him!“ „I think we need more than one attempt to get to the point where they fully trust us!“ Moon Mare entered the hallway by walking around a corner. „I listened to your conversation with Zero, Rose Vixen! What about the deal you agreed to?“ „Oh, i'll not be the one who breaks the deal! He will! I made sure of that!“ She placed her hand on her chest and stuck her nose high up in the air. „If you say so!“, said Moon Mare. „We have time,“, Samara Squirrel looked to Rose Vixen and then to Moon Mare, „right General?“ „Correct! This is one of the many advantages in our agenda! We have all the time we need! Because our plan is not bound to a schedule! There is no need to rush! It's not like that our targets would fly away into space or something like that!“ Moon Mare continued her walk and leaved the two alone. But she stopped before turning around the next corner and asked in normal volume. „You placed the fake Photos in your home, right?“ „Yes, General!“ „Good! Since only me and Space Raven are officially known members, they will not identify you two nor Virion Skunk as members of ROSA. And all our profiles are classified anyway so they can't access them so easily! Samara Squirrel, you can start with your quest on winning Axl's trust and get all accessible information about his copy ability!“

    A day later and Samara Squirrel moved into a free apartment in the house, in which Axl had his too. And even on the opposite side to Axl's apartment. Axl met her a few times over the next few days and open as he was, she ended up in his arms pretty fast. On that night, she wanted to get from him what she wanted. They had a romantic dinner in a restaurant and as soon as that was over, they went back into his apartment. Samara laid herself onto Axl's Bed and waited for him to join her. „Axl?! Are you coming?“ „In a minute, honey! I'm getting a call from X right now!“ „I don't care about that! Take me as the manliest Reploidform your data bank has to offer! Now!“ „Sorry, X! Is it important? I don't know what Zero is up to! He just asked me, if he should see her again! Even if they had a One-Night-Stand-kinda Deal!“ „Axl!” „Sorry, X! Duty calls! Manly duty! We talk later! Bye!“ Axl walked into his bedroom. „Finally! Come into my arms, honey!“

    When Samara Squirrel returned to the fortress she gave a data stick to Virion Skunk. „How much could you get?” She leaned forward and whispered. „Everything i wanted!” She then made a sad expression. „But he said i'm to lively and loony for his taste!” Virion Skunk hugged her, to comfort her. „Sometimes it just wasn't meant to be, Sam!”

    The last one their list was X. Virion Skunk waited until Rose Vixen got a private mail from Zero. They were in Rose Vixen's fortress room. She had placed many real indoor flowers inside big chunks of earth and watered them while they talked. „And, Rose? Does he want to see you again?” „Yup!” „When?” „Tonight, Viri!” „Tell him, you'll bring a girlfriend with him!” „Should i ask him to bring X with him to accompany you?” „No! Just write that you'll bring your girlfriend with you! And the rest should develop as i think it will!”

    The movie in the cinema had just begun, when Virion Skunk leaned her head against X's shoulder. Her prediction, that Zero would want to get X as a companion for Virion's so called girlfriend was a direct hit. Now her Special Ability came in handy. She didn't had to jump into the bed with him. She just caressed his neck and released a few of her nanobots onto the surface area she had just touched. Every single one of them contained a 4-phase program that would breach his firewall, collect data, send these data directly into her memory bank and deactivate himself afterwards. Only one of the many millions of them needed to succeed in all four tasks. The nanobots could communicate with each other, as soon as one of them began to collect data, that task was deactivated for the others, but if the nanobot failed, the others collected the remaining data. After that task was complete and the data successfully sent into Virion Skunks memory bank, all nanobots would leave his body and destroy themselves by imploding after a five minute countdown. X couldn't help himself. Virion Skunk looked familiar but he couldn't find anything in his memory banks about her. He really should've sorted his memories better.

    Virion Skunk could leave after the movie, because of her nanobots doing all the work and X did the same. She also could've used the nanobots on Zero but Rose Vixen wanted to do that on her own. A request which Virion Skunk accepted out of respect for Rose Vixen. Zero and Rose Vixen stood in front of the cinema. „Last time we went to my apartment! Do we want to go to your place, Zero?” „I don't think you would like it there! Let's go to your place and we will see what the rest of the night has in store for us!” „Alright! Sounds fine to me! Let's go!”

    4. Chapter: The finishing touches
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    A few hours later and the next part of their plan was complete. They had everything they wanted. Now it was up to Diamond Pen and Virion Skunk to get the most use out of all the collected data. Both stood in front of two giant monitors, who were placed back to back and every time one of them said something, that female Maverick peaked over the boarders of her monitor and directly to her comrade. Both tipped while talking and went back and forth with their head movements. „Look at that, Dia! None of the data inherit the AI code of Axl and Vixen couldn't even collect more data! She said, the timing was never right and maybe never will!” „So, we just got nothing or useless junk from these two?” „I wouldn't be so quick with a final judgment! Axl's copy ability is accessible!” „Yes, but Zero's data are none-existent!” „Although X is just a free win on every aspect! Whatever Dr. Light did back than, he just password protected his data files! What a joke! The longest possible password could only be 64 digits long back in his days! We will just brute force trough all possible combinations on all data files! Do you want to take the first half of all possible combinations and i take the other?” „Sure thing! Let's crack the code!” Moon Mare's voice came out of the speakers, which were placed in every single room. „We will combine the processing power from all of us for the brute force attack!” „Yes, General!”

    It took the entire team one entire month to crack the code. But Diamond Pen and Virion Skunk could do absolutely anything with the data of X and Axl's copy ability. „Just think about the possibilities, Viri!” „We could even rebuild X, reprogram every aspect to our liking and even give him Axl's copy ability!” „That sounds great and my human lovers can order every part we would need for his creation!” „Woha, Dia, what?! You have multiple human lovers?” „Oh, the things they'll do to get their kinky fantasies fulfilled! You have no idea!“ „Dia, that isn't answering my question but thanks to my artificial memory i can just delete your two last sentences! Because they're gross and the cinema in my head just showed the most disturbing movie in my entire life!” „Do as you please but listen!” „And deleted!” „Good for you! I'm already sending out mails!” „Is your short time RAM defect? I think i made a pretty clear point on what i think about your adventures!” „I know but i like talking about it, Viri!” „Lets just change the topic! The data transfer was completed while you talked!” Diamond Pen walked towards the exit of Virion's room in the fortress. „I'm away for a few days!” „No details, please! Just make sure that we get every part we need to rebuild X with a female design!” „But of course!” Diamond Pen took another step, so that the door swung open and she walked into the corridor. She waved her hand to Virion as the door closed itself. Virion Skunk shook her head in disbelief. „If i ever find out who programmed her character traits, i'll turn Maverick and rip his freaking heart out of his chest! I swear!”

    Moon Mare visited Space Raven, Titanium Doe and Lightning Otter in one of the four missile silos, that were part of the fortress' corners. Lightning Otter laid a thick power cable, Titanium Doe worked on the last welds and Space Raven wrote the program for the missile. „How many more can we build in one week if i ask Diamond Pen for even more resources?” „Three more?”, said Titanium Doe while looking to the top of the missile. „I want six in total! That will totally blow them away!” „Yes, General!”

    After Diamond Pen succeeded and all parts were in her room, she, Virion Skunk, Rose Vixen, Samara Squirrel and Moon Mare started working on the creation of a new female Reploid. Because of that division, the other four could still work on the missiles.

    „Make her beautiful!”, demanded Diamond Pen to Moon Mare, who formed the outer plates with her bare hands. „We have to stay true to X' original design! But since she is female i'll see what i can do to not only make her feminine but beautiful!” „We should alter her character traits a bit! Just a tiny bit!”, suggested Virion Skunk while uploading the full data set into the metal framed Reploid head. „What about the copy ability?”, asked Samara Squirrel and Moon Mare answered. „I had to scrap that idea! It didn't felt right to give XX one of Axl's abilities!” „XX? Were you inspired by the female pair of chromosomes, General?” „Can we spray her pink-gold instead of the blue colors?“, asked Diamond Pen again. „Sure! Why not!”, said Moon Mare. „And she needs blue eyes, blonde long hair with a pink ribbon in it, that is an energy barrier shield in disguise!”, it bubbled out of Samara Squirrel. She and Diamond Pen just ran wild with their ideas. „Do we want to give her two arm canons?” Everyone looked at Diamond Pen in pure disbelief. „What? I have more than one interest! I haven't joined the military just to look as beautiful as i can an am! Even i need a good fight from time to time!” Virion found some leftovers in Mega Man X' Code, her first reaction was to delete that junk but her gut feeling told her to take a deeper look. After she found more code leftovers and seemingly useless data files, she gathered it all on another partition and took her time to obverse it closer. Back then she had it ignored but now it almost felt like it would scream at her. She went silent and even blocked incoming sound waves, to concentrate better. She almost soft rebooted herself out of sheer shock, when Samara Squirrel tapped on her shoulder and jumped into her field of view. If Virion had seen Samara's moves from before, she could have calculated that she would jump in front of her. Virion Skunk lifted the block on incoming sound waves. „I could punch you to scrap metal for doing this! Maybe later but right now, you all need to see this! I'll link the hard drive to the monitors in the room!” She did this from within herself, since she was connected to the hard drive and that to the body of Mega Woman XX. Dr. Light's very old face appeared on all screens.

    „My name is Dr. Thomas Light! And i'll do whatever i still can, to finish the first out of two planed new robots with their own free will and a newly invented emotion chip! I don't have the time left, to work on both of them at the same time! In fact, i'm not even sure if i can finish X in time, before i leave all my work, which i dedicated all my heart, life, time and health into, behind! But thanks to Mega Man, Roll, Rush and Beat, i'm ahead of the schedule! So, we all should manage to do this! All thanks to them! I don't want the blue prints of my final creation to fall into the wrong hands! A skilled programmer can repair, rearrange, rename and combine all data files, in which i will separate everything! Blue prints, character traits, ai code, emotion chip programming, design, weaponry, just everything! If you see this message, then you're at least skilled enough to put everything back together! But be honest to yourself! Seek help if you can't finish my final work on your own! Please, Mega Man X can't be left alone! At least give him a family! His younger brother had one and so should he! Please! Finish her!” Diamond Pen wagged her arms into the air. „Woha, woha! Wait a sec! Did he just said... “her”?!” The smile that she put on afterwards was full of happiness but it also looked like that of a mad woman at the same time.

    Because of that message it took them two days instead of one, to finish every aspect of their plan. Dr. Light's final creation was also part of the team now. All of them stood in front of General Moon Mare. She sat on a chair in the command center of the fortress. Big monitors showed data over data on screen. „Ladies, we've final done it! Now all that's left are the main guests of the event! Let's make sure that they'll get our invitation and now on your positions! It's time for the big main event! Let's bring the Maverick-Hunters to the fortress of female fatality! Lieutenant General Space Raven, are the first two missiles ready?” „Yes, General!” „Lieutenant Colonel Samara Squirrel, start the missiles number one and two!” Samara Squirrel saluted, ran to one of the free chairs, sat down and pushed a few buttons. „The coordinates are still correct, i'll start both missiles! Now!” One final button press and one of the monitors showed, how the missiles started from underwater and soon rose above the sea level. Moon Mare looked pleased and smirked towards the screens. „Maverick-Hunters! Come and stop us! We're waiting!”

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