Mega Man X - The Returnees - Part 1

Da englisch hier erlaubt ist, siehe dazu Punkt 4 , Absatz 4 der Community-Regeln, werf ich euch einfach mal meine, komplett auf englisch geschriebene, (hopefully) bald abgeschlossene, Mega Man X Fan-Fiction entgegen.

Chapter 1 to 12 14 are already finished.
The length varies between short, basic, long and tldr (tldr = to long, didn't read).
Wrote with the help of,, hours of british english from Doctor Who with the original language as subtitles and the internet in general, as well as my brain.

Mega Man X
The Returness

Part 1


1. Chapter: The devious team

2. Chapter: The manipulation

3. Chapter: The seduction

4. Chapter: The finishing touches