Mega Man X - The Returnees - Part 2

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  • Mega Man X
    The Returness

    Part 2

    5. Chapter: The beginning of the end
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    While they waited for the three Maverick-Hunters arrival, they held an energy-tank-tea party in Lightning Otters room. Their newest member sat between Diamond Pen and Rose Vixen. „Thanks for creating me!” „You're welcome, sweetheart!”, said Diamond Pen and caressed the cheek of Dr. Light's true last child.

    X, Zero and Axl stood in front of one of the missiles. It had landed into an old facility of Sigma. Since the building was long abandoned, there were no casualties. „I'm just glad that thing didn't blew up at the same time!”, said Axl. „What harm could it have done? There's nothing here! Not a single soul!”, said X. „Maybe whoever did this, had a transposed digit or placed the comma wrong!”, thought Zero and walked towards the building. „Colonel Redips said, they have located a hidden fortress that's completely underwater! He want's us to investigate the fortress and if we find Mavericks there, that we destroy them!”, said X while reading his incoming messages from the HQ. „Business as usual, i guess! Well! Let's go!”, said Zero and ran to their bikes.

    They quickly went to the fortress. On the front door they had found a password door lock. X got a direct message from HQ. „HQ has a first estimate on the casualties and repai costs of both missile launches!” „There was a second launch?”, yelled X surprised. „Yes! Must've happened at the same time! But both numbers are at zero!” Axl investigated Zero's body, while he tried to bypass the look. He stopped and locked very puzzled at Axl. „What exacthly are you doing?“ „Just searching for those numbers on your body!” „X facepalmed! I meant the actual number zero! Not our Zero you joker!” „And we're in!” Zero had done it. The door opened and they could enter the fortress.

    The first room was a decompression chamber. After that room they stood in a large lobby. There were chairs, flowers and a big digital picture of the ROSAs first all female military squad, led by General Moon Mare. Everyone was on it. Moon Mare, Space Raven, Virion Skunk, Diamond Pen, Lightning Otter, Rose Vixen, Titanium Doe and Samara Squirrel. Of course the picture only showed them as completely back silhouettes, to not ruin the surprise effect. There was an info point with an old computer system of the early 21st century. „Lets see what we have here!”, said X and used the touch screen of the info point terminal. „Interesting! The layout is pretty simple! There are 8 blacked rooms with small pictures of animals in their centers. Four rooms at the west and four at the east side of the fortress! There are always two rooms on one side of the corridors in each case! And the two rooms and the outer part of the fortress lead into one of the four missile silos at the corners of the fortress! And in the middle is a blacked room with a pink question mark on a golden dot! What the heck?!” Zero turned his head to X and the blue bomber just shrugged, while Axl turned is head towards a door, that now swung open and a very excited Samara Squirrel entered. „Oh! Hi, boys! Nice to see you again!” Axl's jaw dropped and he pointed at her. „Samara! But, you, how, what?!” She just smiled at him. „You rejected me but i'm not mad at you! I know that i'm a difficult girl!”, she looked to the ground, placed her hands behind her back and drew circles with her left feet, „You'll need nerves made out of titanium, if you want to be my boyfriend!” „Samara!”, Axl walked slowy towards her, „Please, did you... because i... rejected you... turned... did you turned Maverick because i rejected you?” Samara looked at him for a few seconds and then burst into laughter. „Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Seriously? You three like throwing that word around a lot at Reploids who don't share your point of few!” „That's not true but tell me, not a Maverick at all, why you eight launched two missiles at...”, began X but Samara interrupted him and finished the sentence, „two unpopulated places which are scheduled for demolition in two weeks anyway?” ,she now exaggerated, „How maverick of us! How could we?! We're so evil!”, she feel on her knees, „You should end me right here and now, please end my suffering!” She laughed even harder than before and stood up. „This is to good! I'm cracking up already and were not even finished with you!” She pointed at all three of them and and smirked. A male computer voice came out of the speakers in the fortress. „Attention all personal! Final fourfold missile launch in l-minus 60 minutes! Attention all personal! Final fourfold missile launch in l-minus 60 minutes!” „After the liftoff, the world as we know it, will never be the same again! See ya!” Before they could do anything Samara vanished in a teleport beam. „What the... a teleporter?”, Zero said that and all three looked around. „We need to fight them! Whatever they're up to! We have to stop them!”, said X and activated his X-Buster canon. „Finishing eight girls in one hour? Piece of cake!” X and Zero looked totally astonished in Axl's direction. X pointed at him. „Did you just really said that?!” „That sounded much better in my head than it turned out to be! Sorry, guys!”

    The three entered the right wing of the fortress. „Four doors! One the left door is a skunk and on the other a squirrel!”, said X while Zero ran forward to look at the other two doors. „Here its an otter to the left and a Swan to the right!” „A Skunk! Could it be Rose's girlfriend?”, Axl had asked that and X answered. „There was a fox symbol on one of the rooms in the left wing!” „Did they wanted to observe us or to steal something from us?”, asked Zero and came back while he thought about the good times he had with Rose Vixen. If would break his heart when she turned out to be here and a maverick. „Check for data breaches in your systems, guys!”, Zero suggested this and everyone did it. „Ah, fuck! My copy ability was... copied!” „There are no security breaches in my system! Thank the creator! X, how about you?” „Did you just thanked Dr. Albert Wily? Anyway! They took everything! Every single data file, every line of code! Even the junk data i had since my activation and still can't delete!” „That's not good!”, said Axl. Samaras door opened. She came out of her room and hled a bazooka in her arms, she looked a bit puzzled at that weapon. „Can one of you guys help me with this?” „Are you for real, girl?” „You're asking us for help after you and your girlfriends betrayed us like this?” „We didn't!” She turned around and went back into her room. Axl ran after her. „I'll need to talk to Rose! You go and see that skunk, X!” „Roger, Zero!”

    Axl had entered her room and was blown away. The whole room was an 8 times 8 big cubic hall. „Woha! Seriously, Samara?” „Yup! All my stuff! I'm a collector!” For a moment Axl had forgotten, that he just wanted to shoot her in her ever smiling face. The room was full with vitrines and in every single one of them, was either a collection of a certain type of very old historic weaponry or a full vehicle. She even had old human uniforms. The whole collection reached from 500 b.c. up to 2000 a.c. Nothing in this room could even make a tiny scratch in their armor plates. That stuff was just part of the brutal history of humankind and it seemed that Samara had found a liking in it. A big liking. She even had whole tanks and jets in here on display. „What the heck, girl?” „Do you like my collection! Please, look around! I own every single piece in here! Everything in here was bought legally and belongs to me!” „I'll check that after i've blown a hole in your body! But first!”, he aimed his pistol at her, „Tell me your plan!” „Tonight i want to clean up the RSK MiG-35! She is a dirty one and needs cleaning!” „Don't play dumb on me! Tell me your plan! Maverick!” She slapped her hands against her cheeks. „Oh! You used the M-Word on me! How shocking!” Axl looked at her sternly. „Samara!” „Okay, okay!”, Samara placed her hands on her chest plate pieces. „Just shoot me already! You go on my nerves!” He aimed and pushed the trigger.

    X stood in Virions geek hall. So many new and old computers and cables, adapters and other stuff. Virion sat in front of one of the bigger screens in here and had herself linked to the computer, that stood under the desk, on which her right elbow rested. Her chin rested on her fist. „Hi, X!” She said that, without turning around. She had seen his reflection in the screen. „Turn away from that computer!” He raised is X-Buster!” „Be careful! That place has some delicate and very old equipment! If you destroy my stuff, you'll have to pay for it! In Zenny of course! Not what you're obviously thinking right now!” „What is your plan?” „Debugging my self written code for my video game! Why?” „Not that plan! Your real plan! The missiles! What is their purpose?” She turned her head, smiled and said. „To ensure that we will win against you!” „The first two missiles were failures, right?” „Now! They landed exactly were they should've!” „I've enough of you! I'll destroy you!” X charged his X-Buster.

    Zero and Vixen had a nicer conversation in her private garden. She worked on a few of her flowers. „Tell me! That between us, was that real?” „Yes!” „Then, why are you doing this?” He grabbed her turned her face towards his own and looked deep into her eyes. „Tell me the truth! Have you turned maverick?” „Are you assuming that because of the missiles?” The male computer voice talked again. „Attention all personal! Final fourfold missile launch in l-minus 50 minutes! Attention all personal! Final fourfold missile launch in l-minus 50 minutes!” „It's not maverick to launch a few missiles, Zero!” She freed herself from his grasp and returned to her plants. She started humming. „I don't want to shoot you!” „Likewise!” Zero activated his saber, while Rose was focused on watering a larger plant.

    6. Chapter: The hobbies
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    Samara was quick. Axl stood only a few meters away from her and she dodged almost like it was nothing. She turned angry, her cheeks got bigger and before he knew it, she started spitting nut-formed grenades at him. He could dodge them pretty easily. She didn't tried to kill him, that would looked totally different. He knew, she didn't tried very hard. She acted far below her true power level. After so many battles, Axl could assess the true power of an opponent pretty good by now. And Samara didn't even meant it seriously. She was just pretending. But why?

    X was surprised. „A barrier?” Virion Skunk looked around in horror. The blast had obliterated a good chunk of her stuff. „Did you... my babies! My children! You... you monster!” Seeing her beloved stuff destroyed pushed her over the edge. She deactivated the barrier with a button press and jumped towards X. He could easily dodge and fire at her but Virion wasn't an easy target. Even so close to him he couldn't hit her and she tried to spray at him with her tail. She released a dose of violet nanobots into the air. Every single one of them with a self programed virus. One misstep and X was finished.

    Rose and Zero just looked at other. His Saber was still active but Rose's watering can had felt to the ground. If she had the ability to cry. She would've done it now. „Why? I thought you liked me?” „I do but...” „What is more important for you, Zero? Labeling someone as maverick without knowing his, her or it intentions? Or would you finally start to talk with me about your true feelings?”

    Samara had just stopped and so had Axl. „I'm done with you!”, she screamed at him and pointed at the door, „Leave, before i show you why the boys called me nutcracker on the academy!”

    X went trough the door and it was locked immediately from inside. „That was to close! I think i should go to another room and see if i can get some answers!” He walked to Lightning Otters room and entered. The girl swam in a pool of open electric cables and water. „And this is comfy?” „More comfy then fleeing from Virion's virus perfume!” So, they could watch each other. X found that piece information very interesting. The problem was, that he couldn't shoot her, while she was sounded by the electrified water. A splash in his direction and he was done for. He wasn't as isolated as her. „Want to give it a try?” „Tell me your plan?” „Nope! Did you know that humans survived lightning strikes in the past?” „And?” „Nothing and! It was just a little trivia i wanted to share!” She dove and didn't showed up for a while. „Attention all personal! Final fourfold missile launch in l-minus 40 minutes! Attention all personal! Final fourfold missile launch in l-minus 40 minutes!” He left the room and took the opposite door.

    Rose and Zero sat down between her flowers and she leaned at his shoulder. „All i can tell you is, that none of us is a maverick! But it can't say anything else!” „And the missiles?” She shook her head. „Who is threatening you?” „No one!” He grabbed her again and shook her a bit. „Rose, please! I can help you!” She stood up and became a bit angry. „I told you that no one is treating us!” „Is it something that happened while you and the others where in space? Did something out there turned you all maverick and you're all just to afraid to seek help?” Now she was furious. „Seriously, Zero?! Help?! From whom?! As soon as you're labeled maverick, you're having an invisible target at your body and no one help's you! The only help you get is a shoot in the face from you and your friends! How is the real maverick? The ones that shoot everyone into junk before offering any kind of real help or the mavericks that are peaceful and just have different ideas or visions, that don't align with societies norms? I don't speak about mavericks like Sigma! These are clear maverick cases! But what about the Reploids who just think different! Maybe their ideas sound a bit extreme but why aren't we talking or listening to them? We're just shooting at them every single time! Zero, this has to stop! Please!”, she shook her head and spoke normal again, „Sometimes i wonder who the real mavericks are! The Reploids labeled as mavericks or the hunters, with their „Shoot first! Ask questions later!”-mentality?!”, when he didn't answered immediately, she yelled at him, „Huh?! Hello! I asked you a freaking question, Zero! Answer me!” „I...” „What, i?”

    Axl had left Samara's room and saw that X entered one of the rear rooms. He decided to check the other rooms in the left wing and after a short run he entered Titanium Doe's room. She was a sporty one by the looks of it. Her training equipment was scattered around the floor. The Reploid stood in the center of the room and had her whole paneling on the ground. Every part of her Reploid innards were visible. „Oh, by the maker! You're naked!” He held his arms in front of his eyes and closed them. Titanium Doe picked an isolation mat up from the ground and placed it around her upper body and her waist. „Better, Axl?” „Thanks!” „What can i do for you? I could inspect and repair you if necessary!” „No female Reploid that isn't my girlfriend or wife is touching my parts!” „Bummer!” „And i don't trust you! You all play nice and sweet but that can't hide what you all really are!” „Women?” „Mavericks!” Titanium Doe rolled her eyes and let the insulation mat slide to the ground. „Woha!” Axl closed his eyes and raised his arms in front of his face. Titanium Doe rushed forward, turned 180 degrees, placed her hands on the ground and lifted her hooves into the air, made a candle, angled her legs and kicked Axl out of her room and locked the door. Axl was perplex but didn't tried to break in. He proceeded to the next room.

    X had reached Diamond Pen's room. It was a big bedroom with a waterbed and a laptop in it. A cupboard as big as cupboard for a female Reploid would need to be and a big mirror wall. Diamond Pen laid prone on the bed and tipped on her big laptop. A human would've had problems even lifting that thing over a longer period of time. It weighed 66 pounds. Diamond Pen didn't even looked at X as he entered the room. „Is every single one of you women just playing the „I am innocent!”-card?” „But we are!”, she looked at X while saying that and then looked at her laptop, „Sorry gals and guys! I've a private conversation here! See you all, very soon! Bye! I love you all infinitely!” She gave her viewers a hand kiss and closed the laptop. „You should've said farewell to your fans!” X charged his X-Buster again and fired. Diamond Pen could easily dodge, by just raising her upper body from the bed. Immediately afterwards, she grabbed X by his helmet, threw him out of her room and locked the door as well.

    Axl entered Space Ravens room and the door locked behind him, as she closed. „Attention all personal! Final fourfold missile launch in l-minus 30 minutes! Attention all personal! Final fourfold missile launch in l-minus 30 minutes!” Space Raven watched a human opera on a big screen and laid on her couch. „Okay, look! Maybe we're wrong with the whole „You are all Mavericks!-Thing but if you're doing a secret mission thing here, which got approved by the military and you can't talk about, just nod!” She shook her head and placed her finger on her beak. The other claw-hand tapped on a free spot right next to her. X sat down and together they watched an opera. „What am i watching here?” „La traviata” from Guiseppe Verdi and Francesco Maria Piave! The premiere was on 6th March 1853 in the Teatro La Fenice in Venice! The play is based on the novel „La dame aux camélias” from Alexandre Dumas, which came out 1848 in Paris!”

    X found three locked doors in the left wing. Only one was unlocked and of course he entered. Moon Mare's room had four digital screen walls, ne at the ceiling and the floor as well. Together they showed a green field with a clear blue sky and a sun. „Nice! For a Maverick!” „If you say that one more time i'll make her punch you in the face!” „Make who punch me?” „Double X!” „Who is double X?” „It's a reward for beating us! But if you fail...” She sat on the ground and played chess against herself. „Care for a game?” „Sure! Okay, why are you all so... normal?! For women that is! Are you on a secret military mission and can't talk with us about that, because we don't have permission?” „Black or white?” „Black!” „The only thing i can say is, that if i win, the countdown for the missiles will get moved forward at 25 %!” „Can i refuse?” „If you're chicken out of the game i'll just launch them right here and now!” He sighed. „Fine! Let's play chess to save the world!” „No one said something about the world!” „Just because you're not directly aggressive or shooting at us, doesn't mean i'm totally buying that you're innocent! The missiles, what are they for? Do they contain a virus? One of your Mavericks is an expert in biological and digital viruses! I read an article about her a few months ago! I finally remembered that!” „Just a puzzle piece! White Pawn from E2 to E4!” „Black Pawn from C7 to C5! What are the missiles targeted at?” „Queen fromD1 to F3! You and your friends!” „Don't play a fool on me! That's impossible! Black Pawn from D7 to D6!” „Oh, X! Don't take things so... literal! Seriously, all men should take that advice and chill! White Pawn from B2 to B3!”

    The game went on and in the end, X won. „Yes!” He made a victory pose but the passing of time didn't waited for him. „Attention all personal! Final fourfold missile launch in l-minus 20 minutes! Attention all personal! Final fourfold missile launch in l-minus 20 minutes!” „Two of the missiles are filled with a biological virus and the other two with a digital virus! It will mutate the human cells or alter your programming! Have fun! You need to defeat all 8 of us, to enter all four missile silos!” X jumped up. „In 20 minutes? I thought that, in the end, you were on our side!” She stood up and crossed her arms in front of her chest plates. „Seriously? That was it? By just playing nice, we could convince you, that we're no Maverick's! Now all of you will pay the price for that! Just wonderful! Stick a few shiny metal curves and thick butts in your face and you'll forget why you're actually here! Sweet! I need to remember that for the next meeting! Computer! Teleport my squad and the Maverick-Hunters into the hall of fame!” „In the what now?!”

    7.1. Chapter: Utterly defeated - Part 1
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    Every single one of the eight Mavericks and the three Maverick-Hunters stood in a big empty hall. „Face us, Maverick-Hunters! One last time! And remember! If the fortress is losing all eight of our life signals, you can enter the silos and try to deactivate the missiles! You've a bit less than 19 minutes left to do all of that!” X and Axl looked concerned in Zero's direction. „I'll do it! At least, she will die through my own hands!” X and Axl nodded and looked to the Mavericks. „Choose, who do want to fight first!”, said Moon Mare with crossed arms. Suddenly, Zero ran away. „I'm sorry! I'll try to open the doors manually! But i can't do this! Not again!” „Wait, Zero!” Rose ran after him. Axl ignored that and pointed at Lightning Otter, Titanium Doe and Samara Squirrel with his gun. „Three girls at once?”, said X and would've raised an eyebrow if he had them. „Yes! The quicker we finish this, the better!” X still looked at Axl while pointing at Diamond Pen and Space Raven. Diamond Pen smiled and run her fingers through her transparent feathers on her head, which were arranged in a way, that they looked like long hair and said. „Well, the boy has good taste for a staunch single!”

    Axl had misjudged their abilities. Titanium Doe ran straight at him, jumped and tried to kick the gun out of his hand. He raised his hand in the air, stepped back, Titanium Doe landed on both hooves and kicked immediately at his face. He blocked the kick in the last possible millisecond, before Lightning Otter jumped on Titanium Doe's shoulders, leaned over Titanium Doe' face and kissed her. She activated her special weapon while Titanium Doe still had her leg leaned against Axl's arm. Titanium Doe's armor was the perfect conductor for Lightning Otters self-produced electricity and Axl got the electric shoock of his lifetime. He deactivated himself, to minimize the damage on his vital internal parts. Samara grabbed him, before he could hit the floor and laid him down slow and careful. „Axl!”

    X on the other hand two flying mavericks to fight. He dodged Diamond Pen's Diamond Feather special weapon and Space Raven tried to dig her plasma claws into him, while she flew towards him and immediately back into the air again. „Could at least one of you hold still for a second?” he tried to get a got aim but they were too fast for him. They looked at each other and flew towards him from two different sides. He moved his X-Buster quickly from one side to the other and shoot at them. But they flew in odd patterns and Diamond Pen reached him first, grabbed both arms and pulled herself towards him. They were now chest to chest. She looked sensual into his eyes and gave him a quick but deep tongue kiss. That behavior confused him for a millisecond. Enough for Space Raven to land behind him, grab his arms too and rip them straight out from his torso. X looked behind him at Space Raven. „Makerdammit! My arms! You ripped my freaking arms out! You roasted chicken!” She placed her normal claws around his helmet, while Diamond Pen knelt down before X, caressed his legs, grabbed them and lifted them and X into the air. Space Raven still had his helmet in her claws. X floated helplessly in the air and Diamond Pen grinned at him. She then twisted his legs and ripped them out as well. Now Space Raven held him only by his helmet. „My legs too? Seriously? Are you nuts?” Samara Squirrel came back. Without Zero. She smiled at X and waved. „Actually, i'm the one with the nuts!”, she pointed at her cheeks, „Want some?” She created two nut grenades in her mouth and puked them into her open hands. „I could put these beautiful nuts right into your mouth!” Diamond Pen broke into laughter. „Nuts! In his mouth! Gold! Pure gold! Oh, Samara! I love you for who you are! Please! Never change!”, said Diamond Pen between er outbursts.

    Both, Zero and Rose Vixen hadn't stopped and were still running. „Zero, wait! We need to talk!” „I think the time for talking is over, Rose!” „Please, before you hate me! Let me tell you one last thing! Here!” She stopped ten meters away from him and pulled a connection cable out of her neck. „I need to show you two selected memories!” He sighed and ran back. „But make it quick!” „Promise! You'll understand everything after you've seen them and i hope you'll forgive us!”

    „Rose Vixen's signal is gone!”, said Virion Skunk, while Moon Mare activated a giant screen, that came out of the wall right now. „I see! But that doesn't matter! They can't stop us! Computer! Activate the countdown for liftoff! T-minus 60 seconds! I'll not waist any more time! Let's change the world forever! The cyber-feminisation virus, that Virion Skunk created, will turn every male human or Reploid slowly into lovely new females!” „You're insane! The humans will get extinct!”, X shouted at her, but he couldn't do anything about it. „Admit your defeat!”, said Rose Vixen, who now turned around the corner. X looked in shook. She held Zero's Saber in her hand. „Zero! No! You lying beasts! All of you! But Rose, he trusted you! He l...” Rose yelled at him and slammed her hand against her chest. „Shut up, X! Do you think, this was easy for me?” Diamond Pen walked around X while she talked and patted Rose Vixen's shoulder in recognition. „And don't be stupid! There are enough sperm banks around the world to fertilize them all - if needed! We could even clone sperm in laboratories! So chill, X!” The whole fortress shook when the four missiles lifted off. They appeared on screen after they had left the fortress. Every missile was shown in a separate window on the screen. Moon Mare raised her hooves. They were victorious and there was nothing X and the others could do about. Footsteps appeared and Zero walked at Rose Vixen's side. „What! Zero? But...” „Sorry! I just... couldn't do it!” „I see... i'm not mad at you!” Samara Squirrel walked over to Axl and rebooted him. When he was awake and saw, that they had lost, Moon Mare let the computer calculate the time until impact at the targets. „Impact in two minutes!” Diamond Pen opened her chest plates and revealed a little mini bar inside of her body. She filled glasses with a champagne energy drink and gave everyone a glass. Even the Maverick-Hunters got one under heavy protest. X, got his glass placed next to his head. But Diamond Pen's smile looked like that of a nice, kind woman and it looked honest. What an actor she was. Surely. After there were only a few seconds left, the countdown appeared in the center of the screen. Every female Maverick yelled in anticipation of their victory over the Maverick-Hunters, but especially the successful execution of their secret plan. „... Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Fore, Three, Two, One, Zero!”

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