Mega Man X - The Returnees - Part 3

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  • Mega Man X
    The Returness

    Part 3

    7.2. Chapter: Utterly defeated - Part 2
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    „Happy April Fool's Day you three! We just made April Fool's out of you! We totally pranked you!” X and the other two couldn't believe it. Seriously? All of that just for an April Fool's gag? Seriously? Zero wasn't much of a drinker but he was glad, that he had a glass in his hand. Women. Unbelievable. „Is someone going to repair me or what? Oh and - you're nuts! All of you!” „All of that, just to prank us? Seriously? But what about the missiles?”, asked Axl. Moon Mare walked to the Maverick-Hunters and explained everything. „What Samara told you at the beginning wasn't a lie! We also had the permission from the military to shoot at these places! And i'm legally owning this fortress! We've constructed it with legally bought materials, that we just got a bit quicker than usual - thanks to Diamond Pen! The engine we took from the ship is just a fake! The real engine is in one of the secret military facilities on the planet! Oh! Look at the screen! Now the best part is finally starting!” The missiles had other thrusters that got activated and all four of them now stood in imaginable corners of a rectangle. In the next moment metal bars appeared out of the missiles and even formed a rectangle. A holographic picture was shown. With everyone of them on it. And there was even text in big letters for everyone to read. „We just pranked the S Rank Maverick Hunters. X, Zero and Axl! And theoretically gave them their first ever defeat! By the gentle hands of female, military Reploids!” „Oh, and by the way! We never left the military!”, said Virion Skunk and took a sip from her glass. „Okay! I think i calmed down enough and between Rose and me, we had a talk and everything is fine! But, what about the security breaches? Wasn't that a bit too much?”, asked Zero. „Look at me! Right now i'm the literal embodiment of „too much”!” „Embodiment! Sure, X! Whatever you say!”, said Axl with Samara Squirrel at his side. Space Raven answered that question from Zero. „Article twenty one, paragraph three! A General can order a subordinate to get a backup copy of any S Rank Maverick Hunter for emergency cases. Even without the consent or knowledge of a copy request of the Hunter himself! And not one of you three has a backup on the HQ servers! Believe me, i checked! But now you have them online! But you haven't even seen what else we did „too much” of! I think you can come out now, sweetheart! It's over!”

    8. Chapter: The nurse
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    „Over indeed! It's all over! For you!” The computer voice had changed and everyone recognized that voice immediately, but X said it first. „Sigma!”

    Hell broke lose. The big screen exploded and every wall in that big room spat out mines, which exploded on contact and everyone was screaming and dodging but all it took was one misstep and the chain reaction started to unfold.

    When the dust had settled, there were debris and Reploid-parts everywhere. Impossible to say, if some just went to a hospital or were destroyed. The only one, that was recognizable and had more luck than anyone else was X. He was still alive. Still disassembled but alive. He was in stand-by and therefore unconscious. „There is only one signal left! I hope that everyone else is okay! Wherever they are right now!” The female picked up X and whistled with her index finger and thumb in her mouth. A dog as big as a wolf run against her and collected X' limbs on his back. „Come, old boy! We have work to do! I hope that Virion Skunk don't mind if we use her room for the repairs!”

    When X opened his eyes again, he felt complete again but couldn't move. The room was dark and his night vision malfunctioned. But there was someone else in this room. „Sigma?!” „You're awake?” The voice was female and sounded nice. „Who are you? Your voice is not in my data banks!” „Of course not!”, she whispered these words and sounded a bit sad while saying that. She seemed to scrabble around in a tool box. „Ah, there it is!” She came near and activated a light over X. The female Reploid was beautiful. She had long blonde hair. A green ribbon made out of metal held her hair together. It reached as far as to her knees. Her helmet was shaped like a nurse hat on the upper half and the white solar panel on the front of her helmet looked like a big cross. The upmost of the lines extended to the top of the helmet and formed an „O”. Therefore the whole solar panel was the symbol for female and the cross-part for health. Her torso looked feminine and her upper chest plates where heart shaped. After the waist, her torso extended into a giant big metal skirt, that covered her legs up to the knees. The lower parts of her boots were formed like wedge heels. Her main metal color was cherry red with white has her sub color. She had golden frames which separated certain areas of her body from one another. Her eyes had a wonderful sapphire blue tone. „Am i in a pretty poor hospital or what? And who the heck are you and where are my friends?” „I don't know!” X got angry. „What?! Where we are, who you are or where my friends are?!” „Please, behave! And i meant the later! I'm just a sister!” „Yes, i can see that!” „I meant tha...” „I don't care! Can i go now?” „Some of your abilities are still malfunctioning! You can't copy any special weapons or use your night vision! Your intercom is also broken but i can't fix it! I would need to open your head to access it directly! I would need to hack your software to reactivate your abilities! But without your consent i couldn't and didn't wanted to do it!” „I see! We're still in the fortress?” „Yes! My guard dog is patrolling the area and is disabling the hidden mines in the walls!” „Wonderful! Who even placed those there?” „I think it was Sigma himself, with a little help of Virion Skunk's nanobots!” „Possible!” „I don't think any of them were aware of Sigma's presence!” „Yeah! They were to busy pulling of the prank of the century! Oh, this will so go down into the history books! This will not be one of my favorite memories!” She corrected him and tapped his helmet. „Yet!” „Hm?!” „This will not be one of your favorite memories yet! Do you consent?” „Yes! Repair the damn thing already!” „Good! Please hold still!” X was still fixed on the repair-table. „Funny nurse!” „I haven't done something like that before but my programming is just awesome!” „Awesome? What are you? Twelve?” „Asked the adult Reploid who is constantly grousing since he is awake! I learned so much since my r... construction!” She lifted the helmet of his head and placed it carefully on the ground. „I'm getting more and more used to that body! It's really great!” She sounded more and more enthusiastic but still shy and nice. „You're X!” „Yes!” „Good! Very good! But that wasn't a question!” The nurse repaired his intercom and put everything back together. Then she lifted the fixation and Y could get his feet back onto the floor. „Great! Now i'll go after Sigma!” „I tracked his movements, since he appeared!” X was in shook. „He was here?! Right here?!” He pointed at the floor and the nurse nodded. „He kidnapped everyone except you! I was not in the fortress when he attacked you all! But if found the security videos!” The nurse went over to Virion Skunks big screen and tipped on the big keyboard. „Here! That is his current location!” „But! But! That's in space!” „No! It's exactly 238.860 miles away!” „Moon! Space! All the same!” „No it's not, X!” „Are you arguing with me?” „Why not! I feel like it! Live with it!” The door opened and the guard dog of the nurse ran into the room and towards the two.

    He jumped in her arms. His color palettes were the same as hers. His form was that of a big wolf. „Good boy! I hope you were busy while i repaired Mega Man!” He liked her face, jumped back on the floor and barked. „X! Mega Man X!” „Of course, X! Sorry! Old ha... oh!” She placed her index finger on her lips. „Old what?” „It's not important! I was just mumbling to myself! So! How do we go into space?” „We?” „Of course, we! The three of us!” She pointed at the dog, X and herself. In that order. „I'm to exhausted to argue with another woman for the rest of my life! I think that, if we take the spaceship, we could be there in no time!” „Great! Let's rock and roll!” She raised her fist in the air. „What?” „I'm just trying out different things! I still need to find myself and my place in this world!” „Well, then let's see if you have a bright future as a nurse ahead of you! I bet that, if we get them all back, every single one of them needs more than just their intercom back!” „Don't forget, that i reassembled your limbs and you didn't even thanked me for my services!” „I'm so sorry! That day was totally crazy! Thank you, for repairing me!” „Your welcome!” „So, how much do i owe you?” „We will talk about that later!” „How much later?” „I'll tell you when i'm ready to talk about certain things!” „All right! Then let's go to the moon, eh, what's your name?” „I want to reveal it in front of your friends as well! I want to see their faces too!” „Okay? What's so special about a name!” „You've no idea!” „Right! But you girls like having secrets! I know that by now!” She just smiled and petted the dog.

    9. Chapter: Moon Fortress
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    X, the nurse and the dog landed directly in front of Sigma's fortress. There was just now way, to sneak from the earth to the moon. Even when they would've activated the engine, he had found their ship in no time. So they could land directly in front of him. It didn't made a difference at all. „Wait here! I'll return with my friends and the ROSA Squad as soon as possible!” „But!” He placed his finger on her lips. „Please! He is dangerous and you're just a nurse! Leave the fighting to me and the Maverick-Hunters, as well as the military!” She sighed. X left the spaceship and walked towards Sigma's fortress - again. Hopefully for the very last time.

    The Fortress was quickly explored and after an hour X stood in front of eight teleporters for the ninth time. They were placed in a circle and a holographic image showed him, who awaited him after each teleporter. „I have to fight the squad for real? Sigma, you sick bastard! That's ironic and sad at the same time! I'm so sorry girls! You didn't deserve such a horrible faith! Looking back, i really enjoyed the day with you!” The order of the teleporters was a follows. Virion Skunk, Titanium Doe, Moon Mare, Diamond Pen, Samara Squirrel, Lightning Otter, Space Raven, Rose Vixen and then the circular placement looped back to Virion Skunk. He decided to start with Titanium Doe.

    A second after he was transported to the generic battle hall, Titanium Doe ran towards him. He tried to reason with her but she was nothing more than a machine, who lost her entire identity and maybe even all her memories. That was the moment, that X knew, he had to finish all eight of them, before he could proceed to Sigma.

    Titanium Doe didn't had an energy weapon and X could easily get her into a stalemate and then he just blasted her first leg of with his X-Buster, when it came right at his face. The second shot destroyed her head and he could acquire her special weapon. The Titan Hoof.

    Now the puzzle began. Which reprogrammed female should he finish next? „I bet the Titan Hoof is effective against Lightning Otter and her electric attacks!”

    X was right. He kicked Lightning Otter into oblivion with the Titan Hoof and got the Flash Kiss in return. „Flash Kiss? Seriously? Could there be a special weapon more girly than this?”

    Virion Skunk was the next on his list. He ran towards her and gave her a Flash Kiss. But it wasn't effective against her and so he leaved the area. He sighed and tried Rose Vixen next. The Kiss worked wonders on her. Even with her Thorn Whip she wasn't much of a threat.

    X used the Thorn Whip to let Samara Squirrels' nuts explode directly in her head. Destroying her with just one hit. Afterwards he used the nut grenades to blast Virion Skunk into the Reploid heaven. „Okay! That is more girly than the kiss!” He got her Perfume Virus as a price.

    Now only three were left. Diamond Pen, Space Raven and Moon Mare. As he exited Virion Skunk's hall, he got a surprise. There was only one teleporter left and the hologram showed all three of them in that place. „Great! Now we're changing the rules, Sigma?”, he yelled into the darkness and of course no one answered. „Here we go!”

    He entered and before he could react, Moon Mare's knee kicked under his chin and his head almost broke free from his neck. She grabbed his helmet and slammed his face into the floor and threw him across the room. He was grabbed by Diamond Pen while flying and Space Raven now came flying towards them. X activated his X-Buster and all three plasma claws went into his left arm and ripped him apart. Diamond Pen let go of him but he landed on his feet. He also jumped backwards immediately, before Space Raven could stomp on him with her claw-boots. He used Virions Virus Perfume on Raven, she was close enough for it to get in contact with her, but it did nothing. Moon Mare ran and jumped over Space Raven, and dropped a kick at X' helmet while falling back to the ground. X stepped aside and sprayed her with the Virus Perfume and Moon Mare just stood still for few seconds. Which X used to shot her head clean of her body. He gained her Moon Speed ability for that. That increased his speed enormous and before Space Raven could lift off into the air, he jumped up, grabbed one of her boots. The Moon Speed had also powered up his shots. X could charge his shots in a fraction of a second and shot directly all up from her pelvis to her head. Destroying the second last of them. Which gained him the special weapon Space Claws. Diamond Pen landed back on the ground. She against X. The outcome of the fight was already clear for him.

    Diamond Pen waited for X to make move. He didn't switched special weapons and stayed at Moon Speed. Charged his shot, ran forward and fired as rapidly as he could. But Diamond Pen blocked the shots with her Diamond Feather ability. Which created an indestructible ball of titanium-based diamond feathers around her. The weapon energy for Moon Mares special weapon went to zero and X switched to the Space Claws and ripped the spherical shield away but Diamond Pen turned around and raised her feathery tail,which she lost in the process. She deactivated the shield and jumped backwards and blocked two more attacks with er arms by moving his arms out of her way with her own arms. She kicked him but he just pushed forward and cut er throat open with a quick double slash. And with a kick to her pretty face, her head fell of too. X gained the last special weapon. Diamond Feathers. It was done. But there was no time to lose or mourn. He had to rescue Zero and Axl and defeat Sigma once and for all.

    10. Chapter: Greek 18
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    X reached Sigma's lair. Axl and Zero were deactivated and rested behind a vitrine. Like some dolls on display. „Welcome again, X! It's finally time to met your maker!” Sigma threw his cape away and revealed something sinister. „Is that...” „... the Space-Sphere-Portal engine? Yes! I waited so long and thanks to their little prank, i could get my hands on the real engine, studied it, constructed a smaller version of it and place it inside myself! Witness, the birth hour of my new final form! Portal-Sigma!” After Sigma had spoken, he teleported himself and X back to earth. Right in the middle of a human city and a shopping arcade. „Sigma! No!” Sigma teleported into the place of a couple and both died instantly. He teleported a few more times and killed several humans in the process. He ripped them apart when he reappeared. „Sigma! Stop this! Please!” Sigma stopped in front of X and grabbed him bi his neck, lifted him up and teleported with him onto the outside streets. Destroying two cars in the process. „Please! Don't!” „I like it when you plead for their worthless lives!” „Sigma!” It was Moon Mare's Voice. But how could that be? She and the other stood there, as if nothing had happened to them. „Sorry, X! Did you really thought we would go toe to toe with three S Rank Maverick-Hunters, when we would pretend, that we lost our marbles? We constructed basic Reploid bodies and gave them our bodies with the help of Axl's copy ability! Afterwards, we uploaded our entire software package into them but reduced their powers and combat experience a bit! And now we will finish him once and for all! This is, what every single one of us had trained for! Sigma! Your time is over! ROSA F1 Squad! Let's show these boys what we, in our true forms and at our full potential, are really made of!” After Moon Mare's speech was over, Diamond Pen explained another thing. „Will we were in space, we could talk all the time and came up with the idea to prank you! But Virion Skunk and Diamond Doe developed something beyond our wildest calculations! We kept that new RF-Drive a secret and since we landed back on our home planet, we had a bit of spare time left to finish the beta and alpha state!” „Girls! Fuse!”, ordered General Moon Mare and they all saluted. All eight activated their F-Drives and highly advanced nanobots in combination with a highly complex teleportation program starter their tech-magic. The F-Drive could fuse two Reploids into one, if the both agreed to it.

    Titanium Doe and Moon Mare transformed into Moon Doe. The first one was always the main and the second one the sub in that fusion. Titanium Doe gained Moon Mare's strength and got more bulky in the process. Moon Mare's special weapon was also permanently activated.

    Samara Squirrel and Virion Skunk fused into Virion Squirrel. So that every nut grenade could be programmed with viruses. An her nuts were now as small as a golf ball, but with the same explosion power as before. Since their basic designs were the same, she also gained the ability to throw the nut virus grenades out of her, now even bigger, tail.

    The next obvious women who fused into one were Diamond Pen and Space Raven. Space Pen got the plasma claw-hands and -boots of Space Raven. Her Diamond Feathers were altered into a tiny version but gained the ability to surround themselves with a feather-shaped layer of plasma. Her wingspan was double as wide as before.

    Lightning Otter and Rose Vixen were a clever choice for a fusion. They gave birth to Rose Otter. She got the two thorn whips instead of the one, that Rose Vixen had. And thanks to her ability to produce electricity, she could expand her attack range and let the electricity flow over the entire surface area of her whip, without hurting herself. Thanks to her advanced isolation armor.

    Moon Doe, Virion Squirrel, Space Pen and Rose Otter were ready to fight Sigma. But first, he had to move away from the people. „Sigma! Fight us in your fortress on the moon!”, yelled Moon Doe towards him. But Sigma threw X almost 160 feet away and walked to a scared human couple, grabbed the mans head with one hand and looked at the woman. „Is this your husband?“ She was to afraid to speak and just shook her head while she started to cry. „Fiance?” She nodded. „Say, goodbye, darling!” The man cried in silence. His fiance started to sob, fell on her knees and buried her face in her hands. „Say goodbye! I'll not say that again!” He started to cry too, before Sigma lost his patience and crushed the mans head. „No!” The scream was like a sword to the heart in everyone's ears. The woman collapsed. Sigma grabbed one leg of the human woman, lifted her up in the air, took her under his right arm and teleported both of them away.

    „Where are we?!” Moon Doe wanted to know that. She couldn't calculate their current destination. She had too few information's to determine that value. A human bystander answered. „You're in Crystal City in former Italy!” „The next spaceport is 745 miles away!”, said Space Pen. X ran to them and was furious. „We need to get after him! Now!” X yelled at them. „And how?” Virion Squirrel yelled back at him, „Even if we were at a spaceport right now, a new spacecraft had to be prepared for the next flight into space! And that takes at least a few minutes!” „Great! So we just wait until a spacecraft is ready?” Moon Doe answered him with crossed arms. An ambulance finally arrived at the scene. But that made no difference. He was dead the moment, Sigma laid is hand around his head. „No! I already ordered a transporter that will bring us to the nearest spaceport and then we will wait! The employees are already working on that unplanned, emergency liftoff!” Space Pen leaned over to Moon Doe and whispered. „I can't reach her!” „Why?” „The signal isn't going through! I bet Sigma shielded the entire place and the spacecraft stands right inside of the barrier!” „Sigma!” yelled X and raised his fist up and towards the moon. He new the position through calculations. Even if he couldn't see him right now.

    The nurse still sat in the spacecraft. Should she wait here or leave the shuttle? She couldn't get a message to X or anyone else in the fortress. But that could be because of a possible barrier. She finally decided to leave with the guard dog of her and walked towards the fortress.

    11. Chapter: Kat
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    Sigma on the other hand stood in front of the female human. She had stopped crying. No she resignated and sat on the floor. With the head on her arms, which rested on the knees. „I said! Get up!” He yelled at her grabbed her, at both arms and made her stand on her feet. But he didn't let her arms go. „What is your name, meat container with water?” „Katrina!” „I'll call you Kat from now on! Understood?” „Please, kill me!” „Kill you? No, i'll not be so kind and just end your suffering! I'll train you, you will obey me and by the end of the week you'll call me Master!” „Never!”, she growled at him. „Kat! If you run away! I'll punish you beyond your human imagination! Stay at my side!”

    The nurse and the dog stood in front of the giant fortress door. „No panel and i can't copy his voice! That wouldn't be very polite and breaking in like a vandal is not my style! Should we just knock?”, she locked down at the dog and he barked back. „Yeah! Let's never forget who we are!” She knocked three times and waited patiently. To her surprise, the door was opened and they could enter.

    „I think that's the first case of someone knocking at one of my entrance doors!” The woman stood right next to him and he looked from the terminal back to her. „Undress!” She did nothing. He waited a few minutes before he repeated himself. „Undress, Kat! You are my slave now! And i order you to get naekd!” She shook her head. He grabbed her skull with one hand. His other hand was placed near her eye, before he touched her eyelids with his index finger and thumb.

    The nurse had found a map of the fortress and one biological life form. „A human woman is right next to Sigma! Strange! We should hurry!” The dog barked approvingly. They ran as fast as they could. „I wonder why we didn't saw any enemy robots so far?”

    The woman held her left hand before her left, empty eye socked. It felt strange to look at her own eye on the ground. It hurt extreme. She really wanted her suffering to end. She just wanted peace and silence to welcome her. But that didn't happen. „Listen! Undress or you will lose one of your potential milk bags!” She obeyed this time and undressed under new tears.

    The nurse and the dog ran deeper into the fortress and stood in front of a giant door. „Interesting! This door shouldn't be here! According to the map we just saw!” „Miss nurse!” Sigma talked over the speakers. „Let the human woman go!” „I've plans for her! I'm afraid she will only leave my side ever again, when her heart stopped beating! Not a single second earlier!” „Are you behind that door?” „No!” „How is her condition, Sigma?” „My new slave will get a new uniform in a few minuted and a high-tech collar with her new name on it!” „That wasn't answering my question at all!” „I don't care about your questions!” „And about any defenses! Where are the mandatory robots that guard those fortresses?” „They're unworthy! I'll only have two new guards! Since this place is a bit large, it takes them a while to patrol every corner but don't fret! They're coming right at you, while we speak! You'll be my personal maverick repair maid, once i reprogrammed you after your defeat through my new elite guards! Zero and Axl! Say hello to them! Reprogramming them was a piece of cake for me! But that's not all! I wiped their memory banks by overwriting everything with zeros!” „So, total retrograde amnesia without hope for recovery! How very sad!” The nurse lowered her head and looked very sad on the floor. She heard foot steps. But not just from one person. „I see! This is it then!” , she looked down at her dog and smiled heavily.

    Sigma looked at Kat, who now whore a uniform he had just created and thought of minutes ago. „You look great, slave!” „...” „Say, what you really thing!” „I hate it!”, she was very furious. Her sadness had vanished to make room for her anger. „Wonderful! If i were human, i would fall in love with you! Glad that i'm not one of your kind!” „We're not worthless!” „Oh, i don't think your kind is worthless! It's just weak and should bow before their new masters! Us!” He placed his hand on his chest and walked around her in circles. „If you want to die so hard, you have to earn it! Obey me, be a good slave and soldier and maybe, maybe if you please me! I'll have mercy and end your existence! But you have to earn it! Say it!” „Thank you!” „Thank you who?” „Thank you, Master!” He stopped in front of her. „Salute!” She saluted. „Great! I'll train you as far as i can train a weak, fragile and dumb human! What are you?” „A weak, fragile and dumb human!” „Correct!” „Here!” He gave her a tablet. „Learn the interior of the fortress! Your quarter is on floor 2, section B, room 9! Understood?” „Yes, Master!” „If you try to kill yourself, i'll teleport to you, save you and make your upcoming life even more dreadful than before!” „Yes, Master!” „Good! Now go, Kat! Go, my slave!” She bowed before him and ran of as fast as she could. Sigma just smiled at her.

    „No! We don't fight them!” She talked to the dog while both of them ran away from Zero and Axl. The dog barked an answer. „Wait? And you couldn't tell me that a bit earlier?” He barkd again. „I swear, if Virion programmed you like that on purpose, i'll have a serious talk with her!” The nurse stopped and the dog jumped at her side. „I really hope you can do this! Do it now!” The dog's metal armor broke apart and the cracks began to flicker in turquoise and violet. A buzz came out of the dog and in the next few seconds, he and the nurse teleported directly to the human woman.

    Of course they startled her and the nurse tried to calm her down. „It's okay! I'm here to help!” „Please, if you find's out you where here! He'll never let me go!” The door opened and Sigma stepped in. „A the nurse and her patient! Do i need to make an appointment, miss nurse? I think i have a human splinter from a skull in my hand!” Kat flinched at his words. „It's all right!” The nurse hugged her very carefully and stroke the brown hair on top of Kat's head. And then she dunned Sigma. „You know, she has a trauma, right?” „I don't care! She'll be the very first human soldier in my maverick army, since i was enlightened!” „She needs immediate psychological care! Let me fly her back to earth, without shooting the spacecraft down! Promise!” Sigma leaned forward, smiled and simply said. „No!” He turned around and left the room. „If you are still here, when i'm coming back, i'll deactivate, reprogram you and delete all your memories! Your decision! If you take her with you! I'll kill her as soon as i got you both captured by Zero and or Axl!” „You're a monster! I've never seen such evil! Not even in...” Sigma yelled. „Shut up! I don't care about anything you say! Leave or die!” He waved his arms around and was so close again, that she could see fingerprints on his metal armor. Her fingerprints. She looked at the human woman and was very concerned. „You really need to leave her alone! Please!” „Please?”, he said disgusted, as it was a filthy, perverted word. He turned around and leaved her quarter for good. The nurse reached out with her hands for the woman but she shook her head and even moved backwards. „Please! I know you're scared and deeply sad! But we have to leave!” She walked even further away from the nurse and shook her head. The nurse sighed. She couldn't leave her here but if she took her against her will with her, both of their lives were more than in danger. They were as good as over. The nurse couldn't find a solution for that dilemma, that wasn't against some- or anything she believed in.

    X and the four fused ROSA soldiers final sat in another space shuttle. They were already on their way to the moon again. But without the engine it would take them at least six hours before they arrived. And only if Sigma didn't shoot them into pieces, before they could even land.

    „Sigma, we need to talk!” „Speak!”, he spoke over the speakers, while she still stood in the woman's quarter. „I'll stay at her side!” „No!” „Sigma! She needs help! She needs...” „One more word an i'll kill you and she will get both her legs disassembled! Leave, nurse! There is nothing left for you to do here! This is my final warning!” The nurse looked down and guided the dog with her head out of the room. She then went on a route to exit the fortress. The dog barked in protest. „If i take her with me or stay, he will kill her! I'm not concerned about me but i can't let him kill her! That would be against everything he thought us! Even if it means letting her stay at Sigmas side! She is at least not in any danger if she behaves - for now at least!” He barked two times. „I don't know! I hope they'll arrive soon! What's taking them so long?” He barked once more. „I don't know how the Space-Sphere-Portal-Engine works! And how knows what will happen, if i press the wrong buttons or make mistakes in setting everything up! It's sad but using the engine is not an option!”

    When the nurse finally went outside and ran towards the spacecraft, Sigma activated the plasma cannons of his fortress and blasted the ship into junk. „No! That, mean monster! He destroyed the ship!” She saw a shadow between the earth and the moon. „Another spacecraft?” She zoomed in with her eyes as far as she could and it was in fact a spacecraft. „Finally! But please, watch out for the cannons!” She laid her hands together like someone who wanted to pray.

    „He just destroyed the other spacecraft and the engine within! Be careful, Space Pen!”, said X. „This shuttle was not constructed for fast evasive maneuvers!” But Sigma lad them land in one piece. It was only when they had left the spacecraft, that he destroyed the second one as well. „And we're trapped!”, said Moon Doe. The nurse waved her hands at them and the five of them met with her.

    She told them what had happened in the fortress, by sharing her memory with all of them per blue tooth. „No! Zero! Axl!” X slammed his fist into the ground. „Sigma will pay for this!”, said Virion Squirrel.

    After X had blasted the front door into pieces, they entered the fortress for the second but hopefully last time.

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