Ein Freund in Ecuador braucht Hilfe/ externe Festplatte liest nicht mehr.

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    • Ein Freund in Ecuador braucht Hilfe/ externe Festplatte liest nicht mehr.

      Wii U error 160-4711 - It stopped reading my ext hard drive!
      I'm in panic! I've been using one of the Nintendo recommended hard drives, a Seagate with it's own power source. I bought it with my Wii U 3 years ago... I have a lot of games, everything is there. I was playing Starfox normally and then the console crashed and gave me this error 160-4711 and now it is crashing all the time when it tries to load games to main menu. My save files are there and this is the thing I'm very worried about... This includes Smash with everything unlocked, all challenges cleared, almost 200 hours of Hyrule Warriors, Donkey Kong 64 100% completed... and many many many more.... I'm feeling devastated...

      If I quickly go to Settings and Data Management I can see the hard drive there and it correctly shows free space...it even loads the content sometimes, but if I try to move or copy something, console crashes.

      I know a PC can't read a Wii U formatted hard drive. But...since the hard drive looks to be fine...I want to know if a special software or something can just make a hard drive backup or image...then I format it and put the content back there again. Or move the content to another hard drive.

      I'm sorry if this sounds absurd but I refuse to accept that I lost everything.... Thank you very much in advance.

      I can't call Nintendo... I live in Ecuador...and this country doesn't exist for them.